Wendy’s Travel Bucketlist – Countries Shortlist

One day I will walk on a glacier. On another day I will see the beautiful lakes in Montana. I also want to skydive at least once more and experience a balloon ride over lots and lots of fields of flowers and/or corn.

I just love staring at beautiful photos of other travellers. But after that I want to see it all for myself. Are those flowers really that shade of purple? How did the food taste of that Indian market stall. Dreaming is one of the ways to travel. My goal however, is to put them into action.

Country top 5

1. U.S.A. (more specific: a road trip through Yellowstone National Park, Montana, San Francisco)

2. Norway

3. Australia (North and West coast)

4. Vietnam

5. Madagascar

For the full list, in no specific order, go to my Pinterest page. Countries and locations are added almost daily. Perhaps you’ll be inspired too. And tell me what’s missing on my list!

The images I used are not my own, I found them on Pinterest. 
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