Wendy’s Travel Activities Shortlist

There is much to see during travels. But many more things to do. I always want to enjoy everything to the fullest. View my bucket shortlist on travel activities below.

  1. See the Northern lights (from an igloo with a glass rooftop?)
  2. Go on a hot air balloon (for a pick nick in the clouds?)
  3. Ride an elephant (only if they’re treated well)
  4. Skydive (again!)
  5. Measure me in front of a baobab tree

Bucketlist Travel Activities

For the full list, in no specific order, go to my Pinterest page. Perhaps you’ll be inspired too. And tell me what’s missing on my list! Pointers are more than welcome.

The images I used are not my own, I found them on Pinterest. Except for the Skydive one, that’s my first skydive in Australia. 

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