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The time I got wings

On my goodbye-party for departing to Australia a friend told me that I am a girl that follows her heart and that he admired that. At first I didn’t understand what he meant. Now I do understand and I have for a while now.

From my Australia travel journal, today 6 years ago

Some things you just have to do. That is what I realized a few days ago on the beach. I am somewhere in Australia. It doesn’t really matter where in Oz, it matters that I am there.

It was just after 7.30 in the morning. The beach was abandoned. It was just the waves and me. The sun came out to greet me. I put on my iPod and started to sing along. Really loud, ‘cause there wasn’t anyone who I could bother perhaps maybe an animal hiding in the bushes. I also danced to match the craziness. At that moment I felt like it and I just do what I want.

I don’t know why but 98 degrees and Stevie Wonders’ ‘True to your heart‘ and Bryan Adams’ ‘Here I am‘ hit me. I was there. My dream of travelling abroad, I made it. Australia, the other side of the world: I was there.

Then it hit me. My friend was right. I listen to my heart’s wishes and try to make them real. I published my first article as a freelance journalist and sang really loud and danced on a beach somewhere on this planet. Just because I wanted to do that.

And at that moment something caught my eye. It was a shell, not just any shell. Two shells glued together at the core, making it look like a pair of wings. I took it with me. I felt it was a reward for my understanding of who I am, perhaps even for my bad singing or dancing routine, for the moment I followed my heart and dared to spread my wings.

Sadly I couldn’t bring the shell back home with me. This story is a reminder to me that you should always be true to yourself and listen to your heart.

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