Fairytales all around: Efteling

It was time for some fun, I decided. So last Monday I went to a theme park: Efteling near Tilburg. Not just to seek adrenaline in rollercoaster named The Flying Dutchman (which sadly we couldn’t ride more than once that day because it had broken down just after the park opened it’s doors), Joris and the Dragon (a double wooden rollercoaster), Python (with two loop-the-loops and two cork screws. We also wanted to experience the magic, because Efteling has a fairytale forest that features Little Red Ridinghood, Rapunzel, Dancing Shoes and many more.


It amazes me every time how much I love this theme park. Even after I have visited it many times before (I think at least six times in the last ten years) I still love the way the fairytales get to me. It must be because they are presented in a way that makes the story come to life. (And I am a big sucker for these kind of kids stuff…) Until next time, Efteling. I am sure there will be a next time.





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