Sing along while driving

A long drive can make you weary. At least that’s what I’ve experienced during my travels and road trips. That’s why it is good to make sure that you’ve also got a good playlist to keep you awake and happy until arrival on your destination. So I did. Not sure yet where I will go next playing these songs, but it is helpful to have it at the ready.

I will share my personal playlist with you and perhaps you’ll find it useful. Via Spotify (sorry need to have an account to be able to hear this) you can listen to them all, because I’ve made a special playlist ‘Wendy’s Road Trip’.

Artist                                                     Song

  1. Train                                                     Angel in Blue Jeans
  2. Pharrel Williams                              Happy
  3. The Baseballs                                    Umbrella
  4. Mohobi                                                Bumpy ride
  5. The Proclaimers                               I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)
  6. Rihanna                                               Shut Up and Drive
  7. Lykke Li                                               I Follow Rivers
  8. Five                                                       Keep on Movin’
  9. Keane                                                   Somewhere Only We Know
  10. The Kooks                                           She Moves In Her Own Way
  11. OneRepublic                                      Stop and Stare
  12. Snow Patrol                                        Chasing Cars
  13. Toto                                                       Africa
  14. Krezip                                                   Sweet Goodbyes
  15. Bruce Springsteen                           Born to Run
  16. This Is The Life                                 Amy Macdonald
  17. Simon & Garfunkel                          Bridge Over Troubled Water
  18. Guns ‘N Roses                                   Paradise City
  19. Green Day                                          Holiday
  20. Van Morrisson                                  Bright Side Of The Road
  21. Snow Patrol                                        Take Back The City
  22. Golden Earring                                  Another 45 miles (live)
  23. U2                                                           City Of Blinding Lights
  24. Katy Perry                                           Waking Up In Vegas
  25. Bryan Adams                                      Open Road
  26. Bryan Adams                                      Here I Am
  27. Phil Collins                                           On My Way
  28. Lenny Kravitz                                     Always On The Run
  29. Owl City                                                 Fireflies
  30. Fleetwood Mac                                   Go Your Own Way
  31. Train                                                       Drive By
  32. Train                                                       50 Ways To Say Goodbye
  33. Bon Jovi                                                Lost Highway
  34. City To City                                          The Road Ahead
  35. Kensington                                          Ride
  36. Imagine Dragons                              On Top Of The World
  37. Passenger                                            The Wrong Direction
  38. The Common Linnets                     Calm After The Storm
  39. Kensington                                          Streets
  40. Red Hot Chili Peppers                     Road Trippin’
  41. Arctic Monkeys                                 One For The Road
  42. John Denver                                       Take Me Home, Country Roads
  43. Mumford & Sons                               Holland Road
  44. Roger Miller                                        King Of The Road
  45. Canned Heat                                        On The Road Again
  46. Willie Nelson                                       On The Road Again
  47. Talking Heads                                      Road To Nowhere
  48. Robbie Williams                                Road To Mandaley
  49. The Dubliners                                    Rocky Road To Dublin
  50. Ray Charles                                         Hit The Road Jack
  51. Racoon                                                 Feel Like Flying
  52. Racoon                                                 My Town
  53. Incubus                                                Drive
  54. Norah Jones                                       Sunrise
  55. Kid Rock                                               All Summer Long
  56. The Doors                                           Roadhouse Blues
  57. Golden Earring                                  Radar Love
  58. Whitesnake                                        Here I Go Again
  59. Steppenwolf                                      Born To Be Wilde
  60. Coldplay                                               Speed Of Sound
  61. Bon Jovi                                               Blaze Of Glory
  62. Lynyrd Skynyrd                                 Sweet Home Alabama
  63. The Black Keyes                                Gold On The Ceiling
  64. Creedance Clearwater Revival   Born On The Bayou
  65. Johnny Cash                                       I’ve Been Everywhere
  66. OneRepublic                                      Counting Stars
  67. Yellowcard                                          Always Summer
  68. Maroon5                                             One More Night
  69. Rascal Flatts                                        Life Is A Highway
  70. Bruce Springsteen                           Streets Of Philadelphia
  71. Hoobastank                                        The Reason
  72. Muse                                                    Undisclosed Desires
  73. Madonna                                            Holiday
  74. Toploader                                           Dancing In The Moonlight
  75. Calvin Harres                                      Summer
  76. The Mama’s and The Papa’s       California Dreamin’
  77. Tracy Chapman                                 Fast Car
  78. 2Pac                                                       California Love
  79. Tiësto                                                    Flight 643
  80. Passenger                                           Travelling Song
  81. Jason Mraz                                         Traveler/Make it mine (live)
  82. Eric Clapton                                        Travelin’ Alone
  83. Dusty Springfield                              Lonesome Traveller
  84. Hey Marseilles                                  To Travels and Trunks
  85. The Black Keys                                  Have Love Will Travel
  86.                                               The Travelling Song
  87. The Killers                                           Goodnight, Travel Well
  88. Billy Joel                                               Travellin’ Prayer
  89. Coldplay                                               Paradise
  90. Ilse de Lange                                      Livin’ On Love
  91. The Kelly Family                                Cover The Road
  92. Lifehouse                                            Hanging By A Moment
  93. The Fray                                               Over My Head (Cable Car)
  94. Avicii                                                      Wake Me Up
  95. Boston                                                  Hitch A Ride
  96. Mayer Hawthorne                           Back Seat Lover
  97. N.E.R.D.                                               She Wants To Move
  98. Paolo Nutini                                       New Shoes
  99. Mr. Probz                                            Waves
  100. Ilse de Lange                                     Great Escape

Photo: Kay Geansler/Flickr

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