Dreaming of the Trampoline Bridge in Paris

Bounce your way across the Seine. Now that would be something! I would love to jump on an inflatable trampoline bridge to see a beautiful skyline and experience briefly floating in the Parisian air.

There are 37 bridges across the river Seine, one of them could be a trampoline bridge right? There seem be quite some people who appear believe the trampoline bridge is real. On Pinterest there are many people who pin a photo of the bridge to their boards called ‘Travel Bucket List’ or ‘Take me there’. The design also showed an exit via staircase or slide. I would take the slide to exit of course.

20140622 trampoline-bridge-concept

I am sorry to kill the dream of a trampoline bridge with reality. It is not real. It was a design, made by Atelier Zündel Cristea a few years ago. The structure involves three inflatable rings with trampoline mesh stretched across each ring. The design was entered in a competition and finished third, probably because it was too dangerous and could lead to lawsuits. It would have been a nice tourist attraction and I can imagine young Parisians would have loved it too…

An interview with the architect can be found here

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