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    Rome, do as the locals do

    When in Rome… do as the Romans do. Well I feel you should take this literally and make yourself feel at home. Do as the locals do. Of course you want to see the Collosseum, Spanish Steps, Vatican, museums and all the other touristy stuff that Rome has to offer. But I feel you should try to feel at home there too. You will appreciate the city from the locals point of view. One Rome is a chaotic place during the day. All places are crowded with tourists (huge packs) and it is not easy to find a place to just sit down.  Have a picknick in the park, a…

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    How to survive the summer heat

    I remember my trip to Barcelona: it was fun, but the burning sun was exhausting. Hang inside with the airco on, but that’s not a solution if you want to go out and see/experience stuff. That’s why I’ve done some digging and found out some tips on how to survive the heat (whilst travelling). 1. What to wear You could wear a guayabera* (or a Safari shirt) or moisture wicking shirts. These types of clothing are made to keep the wearer feel cool. It keeps moisture away from the body. So go all the way and wear you sports clothing (these are most often made of moisture wicking materials). Or…