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    Rome, do as the locals do

    When in Rome… do as the Romans do. Well I feel you should take this literally and make yourself feel at home. Do as the locals do. Of course you want to see the Collosseum, Spanish Steps, Vatican, museums and all the other touristy stuff that Rome has to offer. But I feel you should try to feel at home there too. You will appreciate the city from the locals point of view. One Rome is a chaotic place during the day. All places are crowded with tourists (huge packs) and it is not easy to find a place to just sit down.  Have a picknick in the park, a…

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    Dreaming of the Trampoline Bridge in Paris

    Bounce your way across the Seine. Now that would be something! I would love to jump on an inflatable trampoline bridge to see a beautiful skyline and experience briefly floating in the Parisian air. There are 37 bridges across the river Seine, one of them could be a trampoline bridge right? There seem be quite some people who appear believe the trampoline bridge is real. On Pinterest there are many people who pin a photo of the bridge to their boards called ‘Travel Bucket List’ or ‘Take me there’. The design also showed an exit via staircase or slide. I would take the slide to exit of course. I am…

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    One of the five Dutch pearls: Schiermonnikoog

    They call the Dutch Wadden Sea Islands the five pearls of the Netherlands. Last weekend I visited Schiermonnikoog and let me tell you, it will most definitely not be the last time I was there. It’s a gem and a good place to enjoy nature, the sea and some peace and quit if you want to escape the crowded “mainland”. Schiermonnikoog is the prettiest place the Netherlands have to offer, according to the Dutchies themselves. And as a Dutchie, I totally agree*. The village, also called Schiermonnikoog, is cosy with the old fashioned houses. Only 950 people live on the island. Also the island has the broadest beach of Europe.…