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Launched in 2016 as a blog for wandering spirits and high hopes that our little ones are wanderers to be, this site is a quickly growing community of international oriented travelers. If you love to get to know the world and want to share these experiences with your family, you’ll feel right at home here as I (Wendy) will share the experiences  of our family.

What will you read about on this blog? Inspirational and practical posts about travelling with the munchkins. Every once in while a guest might post an experience and interviews with other wanderers will posted. And as I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I apply principles such as objectivity and independence to this blog which means you will get unbiased information and facts. I will sometimes review products, accommodation or a destination that is sponsored, but I will always mention if something is sponsored and will always always always give my honest opinion.

‘I found myself during a walk on Apollo Beach, Australia’

My name is Wendy van Til, journalist and a mother of a one-year-old daughter. As I am pretty new in the travelling-with-kids scene I will share these experiences as I discover them. Why do I want to write about this? Well, I love to write (about travel) but I think my profession already gave that away. And my passion for exploring the world started when I visited Australia (in 2008) and sort of found myself during a walk on Apollo Beach, Australia. You’ll find the full story here.

This blog is the impression I want to leave on the world as I am a firm believer that sharing your knowledge is a way to a happy life and making the world/people around you happier too. My home base is in the Netherlands, so I will share experiences from my own country too as other wanderers might find it useful. And I will add some not-to-miss movie/music/etcetera-lists too as I am bingewatching/reading loads of stuff when I am not wandering.

‘Go look for Nessy with my kiddo’

I love to stray off the beaten path, get lost in a new or old town and I heart our gorgeous planet. I love to travel, even if it is just in spirit. On my bucketlist: go look for Nessy with my kiddo, explore Route66 in a campervan an dancing in the rain/thunderstorm in Darwin with my partner and offspring. Some other must-do’s on my list for life: ride a hot air balloon (even with me being afraid of heigths), share my love for turtles with my family… and the list goes on and on and on. I want to live my life by the quote of Hugh Jackman in the movie Australia: ‘In the end all you own is a story, so better make it a good one.’

Any questions about the blog, my family or about travelling? Feel free to contact me via social media, e-mail or in a comment on the blog. I will keep the identity of my partner and daughter as anonymous as possible, as I also believe they have the right to make their own decisions on their online lives.

Perhaps it’s your own country you’d advocate or find on our list, then by all means give us pointers, because I feel these are the most valuable thing to pack on our trip…

Now, will you wander with us?

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